What Can Happen?

Here are a few stories from people who did not vet their companies from China

Story From - Stan L.

In my first experience dealing with a manufacturer in China, I sent them an example of the product I was trying to recreate. It was a cylindrical plastic bottle with a twist-off lid and a flap on the top that opened up to a lid with 8 holes, similar to a parmesan cheese bottle. After a brief conversation with their chief designer, I placed an order and sent them my money. When I received my first shipment, everything looked great, then I realized they never put the holes in the lid under the flap. I called them to complain but because they were over there and I was over here, there was nothing I could do about it except order new containers, which in turn, would cost me more money. They wouldn't refund me any money, even though they made the mistake. Luckily I could drill the holes in the lids myself so it wasn't a total loss but it was extra work for me.