Finding Products and Parts for Less

1 Stop Global Sourcing has over 20 years of experience helping businesses source products from reputable manufacturers worldwide.

1SGS has worldwide resources to determine the best and most cost-effective manufacturer to deliver products at substantial savings.  From exotic wood veneers to motors to injected molded parts, 1SGS has established employees in China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Africa, Europe, Mexico, and South America who are directly involved with our product sourcing projects.  As our name implies, 1 stop global sourcing is a turnkey company that supplies a delivered (fees included) price for your product.

What We Can Do For You


  • 20 Years of Experience
  • In-Depth Understanding of each Manufacturing Market
  • World-Wide Resources
  • Local Employees
  • Multiple Reputable Manufacturers Resourced
  • Production Oversight with Manufacture
  • Negotiating Unit Pricing
  • Product Samples & Specifications Supplied for Verification
  • Product Packaging Requirements, Design and or Development
  • Full-Service Shipping and Logistics (via ocean or air freight)
  • Delivered Unit Pricing (all fees included)


As a manufacturer, your company purchases various products/parts for production.   Many of these existing items are available at a substantially lower cost.  1SGS can save you money on your existing products and parts by resourcing manufacturers overseas or by creating a purchasing conduit for your company to an existing manufacturer.


1SGS has worked with many entrepreneurs over the years to develop the manufacturing resources to bring a new product to the market.  Whether injected, molded, or machined, 1SGS has the resources to develop and supply your product more cost-effectively.


Each project is unique, so contact one of our specialists to discuss your project's requirements.  After initial sourcing, 1SGS will contact you with a proposal that meets your company’s specific needs.


  • Due to the cost of overseas freight, product purchased in volume or expensive items gives our customers the best cost benefit.
  • Depending on where your product is sourced, product delivery time can range from 30 – 120 days from receipt of the order.
  • Foreign manufacturers receive 100% of the payment before the start of production.  This is why the selected manufacturer must be reputable before any payment is made.


I was looking to make my product for cheaper in China, but I did not know where to start.  So I contacted 1 Stop Global Sourcing and they helped me work it all out!  Highly Recommend!!

Jay Stein 

If your looking to get your product made in China, this is the place to go to get the best manufacturer.   Spoke with Dave and he is an expert in this field.  Thank you so much for helping me.

Mike Wilcott