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At 1 Stop Global Sourcing, we have years of experience working with reputable companies overseas so we know how to get your product made and delivered at the lowest cost to you. We have established employees in China, Vietnam, Africa, and many other countries who can help you find the right manufacturer to produce your product.

How we can help you?

First, fill out our customer information form which is linked to the button above. Then send us information  images and all specifications on the product you want to be manufactured and we will have our employees locate a factory that can complete the job at the best price possible. We will make sure they are a legitimate company by visiting the factory to discuss the following:

  • Your product specifications in person
  • Help Negotiate the best price
  • Provide a sample before ordering
  • Help logistics with shipping
  • Oversee packaging
  • And much more

Due to Covid, you cannot visit China at this time, but if you could go you would have to pay for Airfare, hotel, food, interpreter, etc. You would be out of pocket a min. of 10,000 dollars. All China factory policies are you send money first, then you get the product. We can relieve this headache and provide you with peace of mind.

Remember all China factories have the same policies, they want to receive all payments before the product is shipped, confirming that this, not a fake is factory is imperative. Literally, we could save you thousands of dollars with our service

Working with a factory in China can be challenging, especially if you have little experience dealing with companies overseas. One common mistake is contracting with Trade Companies instead of direct manufacturers. Trade companies are middlemen who source products for you, which can end up costing you more money. And in some cases, take your money without delivering on their promise. Don't let yourself get taken by these untrustworthy businesses.